Double Handle Electric Bungy Gate G64055

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  • Easy to set up, pre-assembled electric gate
  • Includes a handle at both ends so the gate can be opened from both sides to allow livestock to be moved from laneway into paddocks from either direction
  • Bungy cord made from quality UV resistant rubber and can be stretched to twice its length (from 5.5m - 11m)
  • Made with four stainless steel strands for maximum life and electrification
  • Pinlock insulator's jaw strength can withstand significant tension and ensures a strong dead end connection
  • Handy 3-Way Gate Anchor allows for additional, secure gate connections
  • Safe use with high visiblity handle with large shields.
Warranty 1 year
Width or Length5.5 -11m/ 18 - 36'



    High Conductive Cable Conductive CableLow resistance double insulated cable, strong option for initial lead out lengthsG62793
    Double Insulated 2.5mm Hard Cable Insulated 2.5mm Hard CableSuitable for under gate cabling to ensure effective power transfer between fence sections, also suitable for initial lead out lengths (Energizer to start of fence system) of less than 0.5km/1/3 mile. G62703
    L-shape Joint Clamp Joint ClampClamps multiple high tensile wires together for excellent electrical connection.G60303
    Round Joint Clamp Joint ClampEnsures good electrical connections for up to four wires. Pack of 25.G60355