Permanent Fencing

High tensile wire systems create the longest life, permanent electric fences. They are easy to install and operate and provide highly effective animal control.

Super High Conductive Lead Out Cable

Wire and Cable

Permanent electric fences use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire to keep fences…

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L-shape Joint Clamp- 10 Pack

Clamps and Joiners

Strong, long life clamps and joiners are essential to ensure good electrical conductivity…

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Spring Grip Post Clip


Highly adaptable, easy to install posts that can be used in portable, semi-…

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Insulated Wire Strainer


Strainers maintain tension on fence wires, prevent strain on posts, add strength and…

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Equi Pinlock Wooden Post Insulator- Black


Highest grade UV resistant materials with optimised design to withstand maximum pressure points…

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Wood Post Live Tip Offset


Offsets are used in offset or retrofit electric fencing - an economical and…

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Double Loop Pivot Spring

Irrigator Fence Crossing System

The Irrigator Fence Crossing System extends the life of an electric fence by…

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Multi Strand Tape Gate

Electric Gates

Electrifying a gateway with a Gallagher Electric Gate is an economical and simple…

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