FlashMate™ Spray Glue G04055

Additional spray glue can to apply FlashMate™heat detector devices to animals.

  • A multi-purpose adhesive that provides a strong durable bond
  • For best adhesion results, brush the application area on the animal, two to three days prior to application using a rubber mitt or brush to remove all loose hair. A light second brush may be required immediately prior to glue application
  • Apply glue in a circular patch slightly larger than the device (for quick reference this is the same size as the base of the glue can). Leave glue to become tacky.

NOTE: Always read and follow instructions on the back of the glue can.

How to use spray glue to apply FlashMate™ heat detector device to animals:

The device is placed 7-10cm below the backbone, behind the hips and forward of the pin bones.

Step 1
Brush animals three days prior to application to remove loose hair, dried animal waste, dust or other material.

Step 2
Apply glue in a circular patch slightly larger than the device and thick enough to penetrate/cover the hair. Leave glue for a few minutes to become tacky.

Step 3
Once you are ready to apply the units*, open the pack and place the lanyard around your neck.
*Don’t open until ready for use.

Step 4
Peel and stick each FlashMate™ to the now tacky circular glue patch, pushing down firmly with the fingers.

Step 5
All units applied during spring moulting must be removed and re-glued after 17-18 days to give the device the best chance of retention. When FlashMate™ is applied correctly after the spring moulting period, it will stay on the animal very well over a typical AI period (4-6 weeks). For this reason, only loose devices require re-application after 17-18 days.

See diagram below for more detail.

Flashmate Application Process
FlashMate Application Process

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