Pipe and Netting Gate GG3503

This product comes with a 5 Year Warranty

A medium weight, versatile, general purpose gate that is light and easy to handle yet strong enough to contain animals of all varieties.

3"5' Gate - 1.06m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3503)

5' Gate - 1.52m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3505)

6' Gate - 1.82m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3506)

7' Gate - 2.13m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3507)

9' Gate - 2.74m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3509)

10' Gate - 3.05m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3510)

11' Gate - 3.35m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3511)

12' Gate - 3.66m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3512)

13' Gate - 3.96m (l) x 1.0m (h) - Made to Order Only (GG3513)

14' Gate - 4.27m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3514)

16' Gate - 4.88m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3516)

8' Gate - 2.44m (l) x 1.0m (h) (GG3508)


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