Gallagher's new NZ Marketing Manager - Karen Nibungco

As the newly-appointed NZ Marketing Manager – Animal Management, Karen Nibungco says even before working for Gallagher she had long-admired the company’s innovative practices and focus on customers.

Moving to Hamilton from the Philippines 11 years ago, Karen says Gallagher stood out to her as one of the country’s most successful private companies and globally-recognised brands.

“What Gallagher has done for the primary industries and agricultural sector is outstanding,” she says. “It’s a company that has been around for more than 80 years, which in itself is impressive, but what has always impressed me is their commitment to innovation and the fact that they always put their customer first, listening to what they want and developing products that cater to their changing needs.”

With an extensive background in marketing and advertising, including several years producing television commercials for big brands such as Toyota and Unilever in the Philippines, and six years managing marketing for Ultrafast Fibre, Karen is responsible for the development and execution of Gallagher’s national marketing strategy.

She says while a lot of careful research and planning goes into Gallagher’s overall marketing strategy to help the company meet its sales and growth objectives, the team still leave enough room to be responsive to the needs of their customers.

“While there is a focus on planning, we also need to make sure we’re being proactive and staying ahead of the competition so we continue to respond to the needs of our customers. Because Gallagher has such a strong focus on innovation, we do need to make sure we allow for an element of responsiveness with our marketing so we can act quickly and effectively in communicating new products to the market.”

Karen lives in Hamilton with her husband and their 3-year old rescue dog and on weekends can be found exploring the region’s bush walks or trying out new cafes and restaurants.

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