Water Monitoring

No matter what the type of farming operation, reliable water supply is an absolutely critical component of maintaining healthy, productive livestock.

Dairy farmers often use separate water storage at cow sheds to buffer demand during milking. Hilly properties often have tanks at higher locations to provide back up and additional flow. Some farms have dams to ensure there is enough supply for the very dry summers.

Irrespective of requirement ensuring this number one asset is always available as and when the animals need it is a top priority.

Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Water Monitoring

Remote monitoring system, enables anyone on the farm to check tank water levels from a central display.

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Two Cows at Trough

Gallagher System Keeps Watchful Eye On Precious Water Supply

East Coast farmer Charlie Johnson sleeps a lot easier knowing his farm's water storage is in good shape.

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Wireless Pump Controller on Farm- Flat Angle

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Desktop Touchscreen Display

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Cattle at Trough

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Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Water monitor gives confidence, improves decision making, reduces costs | Gallagher New Zealand

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