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Electronic ID

Electronic Identification (EID, also known as Radio Frequency Identification or RFID), with its ability to identify and trace individual animals, has become increasingly important as traceability schemes are implemented worldwide to manage food safety and biosecurity risks.


When teamed with a weighing system this technology also has the potential to improve farm management decisions by leaps and bounds.


Take a look at the introductory article, EID Putting Farmers Ahead of the Game, to understand what EID is and how it works and browse the related news pieces to see how farming operations are benefiting from putting EID into their system.

EID Putting Farmers Ahead of the Game

From basic compliance through to extensive and detailed stock understanding at an individual animal level, EID has the potential to extract more profit from any farming operation.

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Bull Leasing Farmer puts EID Technology to Good Use

Morrinsville based Roger Wolfe uses a Hand Held EID Reader combined with a touch screen weigh scale to keep track of the movements of over 1,000 bulls as they are leased over much of the North Island.

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Learn more about Compliance

An introduction to national traceability schemes and how leading farmers are gaining more profits vs just being compliant.

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Combining Weighing with EID to maximise farm profitability

A combined weighing and electronic identification (EID) system is the absolute best option for farmers looking to manage their livestock performance more profitably.

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​HR5 scanning electrionic ID tag on cattle.



23Electric fencing, weighing and EID and water supply play critical roles in high performing cattle farms.
26Whether farming for venison, velvet or stud breeding, permanent and portable electric fencing systems have a significant positive impact on supporting feed management programmes.
59Gallagher is set to release the TSi 2 Livestock Manager – an extremely powerful animal management system that is even faster and smarter than its award-winning predecessor.
22A short overview on how to drive continuous improvement on dairy farms using electric fencing and weighing and EID systems.
13Leading Angus breeder places accurate stock identification at the heart of the operation
71Follow how Gallagher's weighing and EID systems are making deer farming easier and more efficient at Peel Forest Estate.
63Wairarapa farmer James Beech is glad he didn’t take any half measures when it came to EID technology.
65The latest versions of Gallagher’s popular W610 and W810 weigh scale and data collectors offer faster livestock weighing and improved connectivity.
68Feathered inhabitants of the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony are getting used to seeing a bright orange Gallagher HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector pointed in their direction.