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Electric Fencing

When Joe the horse decided to use the family car as a scratching post, it inspired Bill Gallagher Senior to solve the problem by electrifying the car. Joe got the message and the concept for the world’s first ever electric fence system was born.


That was back in the 1930s and that innovative drive remains at the heart of the culture. We’re an international company now, still pushing boundaries and creating ever more simple and effective electric fencing solutions that have made farm life easier.


Today, both permanent and portable electric fencing products are used all over the world.

An introduction to electric fencing


Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals in a selected area. It may also be used to protect gardens and landscapes from animal damage.

Electric fences work by producing a short, safe and memorable shock for the animal, creating a psychological as well as a physical barrier.

Read on to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of electric fencing, what farmers use them for, how they compare to conventional fences and what key things you need to consider when selecting the right fence for you.



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Gallagher Fencing Protects Lord of the Rings Movie Set

A unique challenge presented itself with the need to keep sheep out of six hectares of tourist attraction without looking out of place in the world of hobbits.


The Gallagher team sourced special camoflaged electric fence construction products to provide an effective yet aesthetically fitting solution.

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​Smart Fence portable electric fence system.



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