Electric fencing, weighing and EID and water supply play critical roles in high performing cattle farms.

“Irrespective of the type of beef farming operation, ...feed, water and weight performance are constant.”

Grazing Management

Pasture-based beef farming systems use Gallagher fencing solutions for feed allocation and feed management in a managed grazing system. Such systems represent the lowest cost means of feeding cattle, when compared to mechanical harvesting and feedlot systems. Electric fencing in these systems provides

  • Low cost permanent subdivision including laneway systems for easy stock movement
  • Temporary fencing for further subdivision during winter and other periods
  • Low cost effective means for feeding of standing forage crops
  • Direct feeding of silage and hay stacks

Water Management

Water supply on beef farms is critical for stock water demands. Water reticulation systems need to have sufficient flow capacity and storage to even out the peaks in demand over the season. Gallagher water level monitoring systems help farmers to monitor their storage levels and to identify any problems before water supply is exhausted.

Reproduction Management – Commercial Breeders

Commercial cattle breeding operations require a focus on development of the breeding cow herd to produce top in-calf rates and quality calves at weaning. Cows that struggle to get in-calf at the right time, have trouble calving or subsequently mothering calves effectively, are candidates for replacement. Recording of these factors based on an electronic identification (EID) system provides the most effective and accurate means for quality decision-making around the breeding herd. Such a system requires a mobile reading and data capture device and an EID capable weigh scale system.

Performance Management

Finishing cattle requires good feed management practices to achieve the desired weights and condition at the right time. Schedule prices move with the season and stock availability. Accurate finishing provides additional returns to those who can send more cattle earlier within the desired weight ranges. Regular weighing provides the information to project where the various mobs will be at future points in time. It also enables reorganisation of mobs and feed management for fast/slow growers. And finally selection for slaughter based on weighing reduces surprises at processing, reduces risk of penalties and enables return on each animal to meet targets.

Supplement Feed Investment

Many cattle producers grow crops and produce and store feed supplements to fill in periods where feed grown is less than feed demand. Often these crops and supplements are a significant cost. Measurement of rate of gain when cattle are on crops, new grasses etc enables more accurate review of return on supplement investment decisions.

Automation for time and labour saving

Labour efficiency coupled with management of health and safety on farm is another key driver of profitability. Good cattle yarding facilities including a good animal handler, and automated or semi-automated weighing and drafting facilities enable more cattle to be treated, assessed and drafted with less labour in a safer manner. Gallagher weighing and EID systems are compatible with all leading brands of cattle handling and drafting equipment, and provide the “brains” to drive automated weigh/handling systems.

Australian Cattle

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