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The sheer numbers involved in creating a profitable sheep flock mean that any aspect of the farming system needs to…
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Australian Cattle


Pasture-based beef farming systems use Gallagher fencing solutions for feed allocation and feed management in a managed grazing system. Such…
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Dairy Cows


The introductory article provides a short overview on how electric fencing and weighing and electronic identification systems are essential tools…
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Horses behind an electric fence


Gallagher offers unique equine electric fencing systems that cater for the specific needs of horses as well as world class…
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Single Deer


Whether farming for venison, velvet or stud breeding, permanent and portable electric fencing systems have a significant positive impact on…
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Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Water Monitoring

Remote monitoring system, enables anyone on the farm to check tank water levels from a central display.
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Free Range Chickens and Ute

Gallagher energizer technology halves free-range chicken mortality rate

Find out how a fence energizer reduced chicken mortality rates and fence checks by 50%.
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Gallagher Fence Protects Lord of the Rings Movie Set

Gallagher Fence Protects Lord of the Rings Movie…

Hobbits don’t like sheep in their gardens. But how do you keep sheep out of a Hobbit’s garden without using…
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Herd behind Fence

Electric Fence System Cleverly Accommodates Irrigation System

A mixed operation presents its own unique challenges when working out how best to setup electric fencing systems to assist…
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HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Cattle

Angus Stud's New HR5 Makes Stock Recording So…

Leading Angus breeder places accurate stock identification at the heart of the operation
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Central Plateau Foresty Conversion Mapping

Gallagher Mapping Programme Provides Perfect Start For Conversion…

A forestry conversion project used a specialised mapping programme to design a comprehensive electric fencing plan to get it right…
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An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Basic Grazing Practises, How and Why they Work

Gallagher advises rotational grazing (also known as controlled/managed grazing) as the best way to achieve optimum pasture yield as part…
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