Animal (Livestock) Health

Prevention is better than cure.

Diseases that affect livestock can have a significant impact on meat and milk production. Keeping livestock healthy is a top concern for farmers. Proper dosages of vaccines, medicines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data assists farmers with preventing diseases, improving herd health and optimising efficiency in the operation.

Read the introduction below to find out what the leading farms are doing to monitor their livestock. The collection of articles also included on this page provide examples and insight into how farmers are putting Gallagher solutions to good use as part of their health management system.

Angus Cow Close Up

A Basic Introduction to Cost Effective Animal (Livestock) Health

Maintaining healthy stock ensures continued growth or milk production, timely management of sick stock minimises treatment cost and potential revenue losses.

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Sheep Flock with Dog

Essential labour saving tools keep an eye on ewe condition

5000 ewe station saves time and labour and keeps stock healthy using Sheep Auto Drafter

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dairy cows grazing in paddock

Ensuring Cows in Good Condition for Calving and Mating

Huntly (NZ) dairy farming operation uses weighing to ensure cows in good condition in time for calving season.

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Angus cow with calf in paddock

Learn more about Animal Health

HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Deer

Gallagher Weighing and EID at Peel Forest Estate | Gallagher New Zealand

Follow how Gallagher's weighing and EID systems are making deer farming easier and more efficient at Peel Forest Estate.

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Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate- Cow

Animal Compliance | Gallagher New Zealand

Traceability schemes ensure the maintanence of food safety standards for end consumers of the meat or milk product. As such they…

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- with Man Red Checks

Weigh System Helps Cattle Producer Make Better Management Decisions | Gallagher New Zealand

There is an old saying that says you cannot manage what you do not measure. On a livestock operation where…

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Oak Hollow Angus Ranch - Angus Calf

Quality Management Tools Assist in the Production of Quality Angus Beef | Gallagher New Zealand

Eight generations and 215 years of experience in the cattle business have taught the Lowe family of Smiths Grove, Kentucky…

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- with Sheep Right

Animal (Livestock) Performance - Measuring animal/livestock performance | Gallagher New Zealand

How implementing a regular weighing programme helps to maximise the performance of livestock.

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- in Use

Gallagher TSi 2 Faster, Smarter and WiFi Ready | Gallagher New Zealand

Gallagher is set to release the TSi 2 Livestock Manager – an extremely powerful animal management system that is even…

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HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Selecting

Gallagher EID Technology Makes Heifer Recording Easy | Gallagher New Zealand

Wairarapa farmer James Beech is glad he didn’t take any half measures when it came to EID technology.

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