Accurate, customised data pays the way for feedlot

​With 4,000 head of cattle spread over 420 kilometres, Canning Downs South Feedlot needs to record and maintain accurate data.

“The speed of the program on the new model, the TSi 2, is terrific, it’s just so fast and intuitive”

Operation Summary:

Canning Downs South Feedlot, Warwick, Queensland, Australia
4000 cattle, including feedlot, starters & off-site 2,025 ha (5,000 ac) improved pastures
850.5ha (2,300ac) summer crop (corn/sorghum)
405ha (1,000ac) winter crop (oats/barley)


TSi 2 Livestock Manager,
HR4 EID Tag Reader & Data Collector,
Animal Performance Software.

The South-East Queensland beef-fattening business keeps around 1,000 head at its Warwick feedlot, turning off 90 head each week to Coles on a contract. They also background some 1,500 head of starter cattle in four-hectare (10-acre) paddocks at the feedlot.

Michael Beaumont, Feedlot Manager, says, “And then we also have country from St George in Queensland, south east to Liston just over in NSW — a stretch of about 420km. We background younger or lighter cattle on this country, and grow these weaners out to weight to bring into the feedlot.

“Our cattle are all mainly Angus-cross, and we’re aiming to put them on feed at 350-400kg liveweight. Most cattle gain around 1.5kg a head a day, although some do up to 2kg a day. We keep the heifers on feed for at least 60 days, and the steers on for 70.” The heavier cattle are sent to Barcoo Beef at Casino and Teys, NSW, and these cattle do 100 days on feed.

The feedlot, which was set up in 2007, has just bought its third TSi —a TSi 2 — upgraded its scales and invested in an HR4 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector.

Michael says, “We use the TSi to weigh, induct, measure days on feed and track treatments for each animal. The speed of the program on the new model, the TSi 2, is terrific, it’s just so fast and intuitive.

“And Rob Doro [Gallagher’s Territory Manager for South East Qld] gave us great service. Because we have so many animals, we need to keep accurate records. The APS [Animal Performance Software] in the TSi 2 lets us do customised records for our business. The whole system — with the panel reader, bars and HR4 scanner — has helped streamline and simplify our data collection, with the benefit of helping us maximise productivity.”

Angus Cattle Feedlot

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