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Getting Started

For the right system and products for your animal type and electric fence usage or your weighing and EID or water monitoring requirements, choose from the categories below  - you’ll find the system Gallagher recommends for you. 

​Gallagher Electric Fencing Systems offer a wide range of fencing options for all animal types, from lifestylers through to professional  farmers.


Why use electric fencing?

  • Profitable - Maximise pasture growth, minimise feed costs. 
  • Safe - Animals remember and develop a respect for the fence.
  • Durable - Stock pressure on your fence is reduced so it lasts longer. Easy to install Less than half the time to build vs a non-electric fence. 
  • Economical  - Costs less to build and maintain than a non-electric fence. Find the right Gallagher electric fence system below that best suits your needs.

​Gallagher Weighing & EID Systems are integrated and flexible offering a full range of animal weighing, data collection and EID options.


Why weigh?

  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection
  • Measure and record weaning weight
  • Manage animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates
  • Measure feed conversion to maximise yield by monitoring weight gain over time
  • Monitor animal health

​A complete, simple solution for monitoring and managing tank water and other fluids.


Why use a water monitoring system?

  • Extremely easy to operate and install
  • Provides peace of mind that there is water available
  • Helps prevent water outages by providing early warning if levels fall significantly

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