Fieldays 2019

New building, new products, same Gallagher commitment to customer service, innovation, and reliability.

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Here are some of the latest innovations Gallagher showcased at the 2019 National Fieldays.

Gallagher took home the 2019 Fieldays Innovations Award for the Water Flow Indicator at the awards evening held last Thursday, 13th of June 2019.

The TWR-1 and TWR-5 Weigh & Scale Readers

TWR-1 is an all-in-one entry-level Weighing & EID system. The integrated EID reader allows farmers to go hands-free. The TWR-5 is an award-winning, next-generation weigh scale and data collector. It includes a fully integrated EID reader, plus supports simultaneous recording of up to 9 traits and life data.

The MBS Energizer Range

Gives farmers three options to powering up their units: mains, battery or solar Provides stock control from between four to 32 hectares, delivering from one to eight joule of stored energy.

The Electric Fence Dropper

Allows farmers to extend the distance between fence posts by introducing the droppers, resulting in a much more cost-effective solution. Keeps the integrity of the fence. For instance, if farmers want to manage sheep through multiple wires, the dropper ensures the wires maintain the same distance across the span to prevent animals from pushing through the fence.

The Water Flow Indicator

View flow inside water lines to identify and find leaks earlier. Bright impellor is easy to view and visually shows water direction and speed. Made of high quality, UV-resistant, engineering-grade plastic that’s easy to install and clean.

The eShepherd (Coming soon)

A virtual fencing solution: easily set up a geofence using your computer and the animals stay within those virtual boundaries. Great solution for herding animals more efficiently over vast areas of land. With the collar, you can begin moving the geofencing boundaries closer and closer to the destination yard over several weeks which makes the final part of the herding process much easier.

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