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Kevin Marquand

Key Account/Regional Manager



Kevin Marquand has been with Gallagher since the mid-70s – yet still claims to be just 29 years old.


During his decades with the company, Kevin has enjoyed a diverse range of job titles, starting as a machine cleaner back in the days when Gallagher was manufacturing farm machinery. Then in the early 1980s he landed a job as a Territory Manager and went on the road marketing farm equipment in the Bay of Plenty region.


Electric fencing then became the company’s key focus and Kevin’s role expanded to include a broader range of products and a much larger area.


During his 15 years as a Territory Manager he has worked in most regions within the central North Island. While covering the Waikato and King Country he started to become involved in marketing work, including product promotion and new product launches. Kevin has since come off the road and he now combines regional sales manager responsibilities for Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, Wairarapa and Manawatu, with working alongside rural retailers to ensure that Gallagher products are marketed effectively.



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