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Electric Fencing Resources

Here you'll find a selection of support resources to help with the set up, use and maintenance of your electric fencing products.


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i Series SMS Energizer Controller Installation, Series SMS Energizer Controller InstallationThis video shows how to install a Gallagher SMS Energizer Controller (G56760). To connect to a local network you will need to purchase a SIM card for a GSM network.
How to install a 12V inverter to power an i Series Fence Energizer, to install a 12V inverter to power an i Series Fence EnergizerGallagher i Series Energizers can also be battery powered allowing installation in locations with unstable or unavailable mains power. This video shows how using an inverter allows the batteries to connect to the Energizer.
M5800i Fence Energizer Extreme Temperature Testing, Fence Energizer Extreme Temperature TestingGallagher demonstrates the extensive heat and cold temperature testing that took place to show that the i Series M5800i High Performance Energizer is the toughest in the world.

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i Series Fence Energizer System Reference Card Series Fence Energizer System Reference Card
Keeping Safe with Electric Fences Safe with Electric Fences

Manuals & installation instructions



M1800i/M2800i Energizer Product Manual<a href="/assets/Documents/64455.pdf" target="_blank">M1800i/M2800i Energizer Product Manual [PDF, 3914KB]</a>M1800i/M2800i Energizer Product Manual
S20/S50 Energizer Product Manual<a href="/assets/Documents/47517.pdf" target="_blank">S20/S50 Energizer Product Manual [PDF, 745KB]</a>S20/S50 Energizer Product Manual
Fence Monitor Product Manual<a href="/assets/Documents/65827.pdf" target="_blank">Fence Monitor Product Manual [PDF, 1403KB]</a>Fence Monitor Product Manual




Smart Fence 2 DL Brochure NZ<a href="/assets/Documents/80847.pdf" target="_blank">Smart Fence 2 DL Brochure NZ [PDF, 1295KB]</a>Smart Fence 2 DL Brochure NZ
Power DL Brochure NZ<a href="/assets/Documents/78051.pdf" target="_blank">Power DL Brochure NZ [PDF, 2556KB]</a>Power DL Brochure NZ
Equine Electric Fence Systems DL Brochure NZ<a href="/assets/Documents/78049.pdf" target="_blank">Equine Electric Fence Systems DL Brochure NZ [PDF, 2734KB]</a>Equine Electric Fence Systems DL Brochure NZ