NAIT Exchange Software Z00001

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  • ​NOTE: NAIT Exchange Software is only applicable for New Zealand customers
  • Quickly and easily transfer animal data from a computer to NAIT in three easy steps:
    • Step 1: Find the animal EID tag details (which have been downloaded from your Gallagher EID compatible Weigh Scale or Hand Held EID Tag Reader)
    • Step 2: Specify the information you want to send to NAIT
    • Step 3: Click send
  • Included in APS (Professional and Standard) or download for FREE
  • Use the Gallagher NAIT Exchange Quick Start Guide for further information and instructions on how to get started
  • Gallagher NAIT Exchange Software is applicable for computer’s running Windows.







Gallagher NAIT Exchange Software Installation Demo, NAIT Exchange Software Installation DemoThis new software developed by Gallagher allows you to easily transfer your animal data to NAIT via two ways, depending on how you prefer to do it.