HR3 Hand Held EID Tag Reader G03301

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  • Create new sessions on reader to group tag reads from different pens of animals
  • High performance, super fast read of both HDX and FDX-B tags
  • Built in Bluetooth communications for sending tag numbers to the other storage devices
  • Plus includes adaptor for non-Bluetooth EID weigh scale connection
  • Internal rechargeable battery Internal memory for 5,000 tags for later download to computer
  • Graphic display shows Last tag read in current session Total number of tags stored in memory
  • Unique EID number of last tag read Battery charge level Reader in record or transfer mode
  • Award winning ergonomic design comfortable for long usage times, reduces risk of trapping hand or arm in animal handlers and simple trigger action for each read
  • Easy immediate tag read feedback from super bright LED at end of snout
  • Compatible with all brands of weigh scales
  • Includes Animal Performance Software (APS) to download files and store sessions on computer.
Warranty 1 year
Height 215mm/ 8.5"
Width or Length680mm/ 27"
Depth 70mm/ 2.8"
Product Weight3kg/ 6.6lbs



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