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​Working alongside farmers for over 75 years has led to a reputation for delivering ground breaking innovative farming products that make farm life easier and more profitable.

Browse a selected range of animal management products and integrated systems below.


Please note that the products featured on this website are from the New Zealand product range.

Permanent electric fence

Electric Fencing

An investment in electric fencing is an investment in more profitable farming.


It’s true that electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional fencing but it’s as a powerful pasture management tool where it brings most benefit.


It gives farmers precise control over feed to allow allocation of pasture and other forages through permanent and temporary sub divisions.

Weighing and Electronic Identification (EID)

Animal Weighing & EID

​A relentless drive to open up new opportunities for farmers has delivered the world’s best weighing and EID solutions.


Gallagher leads the market in robust, easy to use equipment with a full support back up service to match.

Wireless Water Monitoring imgage of cow at water tank

Wireless Water Monitoring

​Keep your No. 1 asset flowing.

A complete, simple solution for the monitoring and management of water levels.

Other Products

Farmer using stock prod

Strong, safe, instant power. Gallagher Stock Prods are an effective, durable and inexpensive option to keep livestock moving.

Multi strand gate being opened

​​Electrifying a gateway with a Gallagher Electric Gate is an economical and simple to use gate option and makes getting around the farm easy.

Irrigator Fence Crossing System

​Extend the life of an electric fence by using an Irrigator Fence Crossing System. 

TSi 2

​An uncompromising drive to find more brilliant and more simple answers means we always have new solutions to showcase right here.

Innovation Gallagher Image

​The best products combine excellence in design, application and customer insight. Find out how Gallagher consistently deliver the best, to surprise by innovation and create opportunities. 

Ring Top Post in use on farm

​The Ring Top Post's sleek design removes the age-old frustration of tangled pigtail posts, making it easier for farmers to store, transport and set up temporary electric fences.

The Ring Top Post to date, has won Highly Commended at the NZ Innovators Awards, an International Innovation Award at the New Zealand Fieldays and a Gold Award from the Design Institute of New Zealand.

Ring Top Post Image

A head that won't wear through, a strong footplate that won't bend under pressure and a design that reduces tangling - see it all here. 

No tangle Ring Top Post