Fence Energizer M600 G38111

Previously Called:   PowerPlus M600





  • Quick reference to earthing quality and fence performance provided by LCD voltage and earth displays
  • Output and earth voltage alarms for better fence management
  • Check Energizer performance at a glance using the quick scan voltage bar graph
  • Easy installation and good connection using split bolt recessed terminals
  • Flexibility in fence management as full and low power can be used independently on different fences
  • Easy to service, modular design
Warranty 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules)6 Joules
Property Size (Ha/Ac)24 ha/ 60 acres
Single Wire Distance Maximum Length (Km/ miles)105km/ 65 miles
Multiwire Distance Ideal Conditions (Km/ miles)35km/ 22 miles
Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended (Km/miles)9km/ 5.6 miles
Output Energy (Joules)4.5 Joules
Height190mm/ 7.5"
Width or Length 245mm/ 9.6"
Depth85mm/ 3.3"
Product Weight 2.2kg/ 4.9lbs



    Fence Volt/ Current Meter and Fault Finderhttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/power/power-system-accessories/remotes-and-fence-testers/G50905Fence Volt/ Current Meter and Fault FinderSave hours finding fence faults. A volt meter, current meter and fault finder in one. Tracks the source of erratic or poor electric fence performance in minutes and fits in your pocket!G50905
    Cut Out Switchhttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/power/power-system-accessories/cut-out-switches/G60760Cut Out SwitchA handy tool that allows a section of permanent fence to be switched off for maintenance or fault finding.G60760
    Galvanised Earth Stake 2.1mhttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/power/earthing/G87900Galvanised Earth Stake 2.1m2.1m galvanised stake creates large ground contact for good earthing.G87900
    Lightning Diverterhttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/power/power-system-accessories/safety-and-protection/G64800Lightning DiverterGallagher recommends all permanent Energizers be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect from lightning damage.G64800
    Galvanised Earth Clamphttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/power/earthing/G87600Galvanised Earth ClampHeavy duty galvanised clamp for securing cable to earth stakes.G87600
    Double Insulated 2.5mm Hard Cablehttps://am.gallagher.com/global/products/electric-fencing/fencing/permanent-fencing/wire-and-cable/G62703Double Insulated 2.5mm Hard CableSuitable for under gate cabling to ensure effective power transfer between fence sections, also suitable for initial lead out lengths (Energizer to start of fence system) of less than 0.5km/1/3 mile. G62703