Equine Fence Wire /EquiFence™ G91200

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  • Highly visible to help prevent animal entanglement
  • Large diameter smooth coating minimises risk of injury to animal
  • High stress crack & UV resistant pipe grade polyethylene ensures long life
  • Steel core provides effective power transmission with minimum voltage drop
  • Unique electrically conductive polymer ensures power is effectively maintained along the fence line
  • Resistance: 35 Ohms per kilometre/56 Ohms per mile
Warranty 10 years
Voltage (kV) at 2km of fence4.2kV (at 70 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 5km of fence2.4kV (at 70 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 10km of fence1.4kV (at 70 ohms fence load)
Width or Length250m/ 820'
Diameter or Tape Width7.2mm/ 0.3"



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