In Line Wire Tightener G64304

Previously Called:   Permanent Wire Tightener






  • Pack of 25   (G64304)
  • Pack of 5   (G64302)
  • Ideal for tightening existing fences or trellising wires and can also be used to join wires
  • Strong, lightweight, rust-resistant construction
  • Easy install - no need to cut wire before straining
  • Use with Gallagher In Line Wire Tightener Handle (G644) or Ratchet Wire Tightening Tool (G645)
Warranty10 years



    Wire Tightener Handle Tightener HandleZinc plated- for use with Permanent Wire Tighteners.G64400
    Rapid Tightener Handle Tightener HandleThe professional tool for use with Permanent Tighteners.G64500
    High Strain Insulator Strain InsulatorStrongest, long term end strain insulation for high tensile permanent electric fencing.G67814