Drive Through Electric Gate Kit Hardware Kit G71100

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  • The Drive Through Electric Gate is a safe and reliable replacement for high use farm and road gates with all the time-saving convenience of a cattle stop - at a fraction of the cost
  • Flexible glass fibre rods covered in electrically conductive rubber will stop any large livestock
  • Safe to use with any farm vehicle as rubber coating prevents damage to vehicle paintwork and standard insulation of motor vehicles and tractors prevents drivers from receiving a shock
  • Safe and easy access for pedestrians on foot - just open the gate using the insulated hand grips
  • Set at the right height the gate also works for farm motorbikes
  • Link up to an existing electric fence system, or operate separately from a battery or solar energizer unit (sold separately)
  • Flexible installation options:
    • Connect multiple gate units to one system using insulated cable
    • For extra security mount two gate units above each other and connect together to create a double gate
  • Use the Gate Hardware Kit (G71100) with a Gate Rod Kit. Rod lengths come in four different sizes for flexibility across your farm:
    • 1.20m/ 4ft (G71104)
    • 3.66m/12ft (G71112)
    • 4.27m/14ft (G71114)
    • 4.88m/16ft (G71116)