Pasture Management

To maximise the effectiveness of a grazing based farming operation the key is to keep the grass fresh, short, high energy and palatable which ultimately leads to increased milk and/or meat production. Electric fencing has revolutionised these pasture management techniques meaning better profitability for farmers.

Read the introduction article to find out why rotational grazing systems are so effective. Other case studies here show how market leading Gallagher products are making the traditional pasture grazing methods ever more efficient and successful.

An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Basic Grazing Practises, How and Why they Work

Gallagher advises rotational grazing (also known as controlled/managed grazing) as the best way to achieve optimum pasture yield as part of the milk/meat production process. This involves grazing paddocks in rotation using a combination of permanent and/or temporarily fenced grazing areas.

Key Benefits

  • Effective - maximise results potential of feed and greatly improve the feed quality and yield
  • Efficient - direct harvesting of grass or fodder crops by animal with the manure returned directly to the soil during the process
  • Flexible - use a combination of permanent & portable fencing to maximise grazing area control

Read on to understand the key factors that need to be considered when subdividing land, what is grass tillering and why is it important and find out what fencing systems exist to support the whole process.

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Herd behind Fence

Electric Fence System Cleverly Accommodates Irrigation System

A mixed operation presents its own unique challenges when working out how best to setup electric fencing systems to assist with managing pasture.

Read here how Wilkins Farming Ltd juggles land usage to breed and finish four types of stock as well as growing crops.

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dairy cows grazing in paddock

Learn more about Pasture Management

Electromax High Conductive Electric Fence Wire

Introduction to Electric Fencing | Gallagher Global

Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals in a selected area. It may also be…

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Dairy Cows

Electric fencing, weighing and EID and water supply for Dairy | Gallagher Global

The introductory article provides a short overview on how electric fencing and weighing and electronic identification systems are essential tools…

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Electric fencing, weighing, EID and water monitoring for sheep farming | Gallagher Global

The sheer numbers involved in creating a profitable sheep flock mean that any aspect of the farming system needs to…

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Paddock in front of Mountain

Overgrazing & Preventative Management Strategies | Gallagher Global

To avoid overgrazing, managing livestock on grazing lands requires graziers to be flexible and understand the complex soil-plant-animal relationship involved.

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Dave Jackways- iSeries Energizer Beet Crop

Gallagher M5800i Energizer Hard To Beet | Gallagher Global

Rotokaia Farm’s new Gallagher i Series Fence Energizer is doing a great job protecting a valuable fodder beet crop from…

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Pivot Irrigator Fence Crossing System- with Tyre

Gallagher Irrigator Fence Crossing System a breeze to install | Gallagher Global

Canterbury dairy farmer Ian Hopping has done enough dairy conversions to know a good irrigator fence crossing system when he…

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Fence Energizer M5800i Straight on

Intelligent Fence Energizers with Plenty of Power | Gallagher Global

Gallagher will unveil an exciting addition to its intelligent Energizer range at this year’s National Fieldays.

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Insulated Portable Handle- pointing downwards

New Gallagher Insulated Handles Solves Farmers Problem | Gallagher Global

Gallagher has launched two new portable fencing handles – the Insulated Handle and the Dual Purpose Handle - which overcome…

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Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Wireless Water Monitoring System | Gallagher Global

Remote monitoring system, enables anyone on the farm to check tank water levels from a central display.

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Smart Fence- Right Close Up

Gallagher Smart Fence - Agriseeds puts Smart Fence 2 on trial | Gallagher Global

Agriseeds forage trial plots usually require three to four fences being shifted every day - the job has been made…

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