EID Putting Farmers Ahead of the Game

Critical for complying with EID traceability schemes, learn how EID tags are making a positive difference on the leading farms.

“EID tagging unlocks access to individual animal data, providing information that maximises revenue earning potential”

​What is Electronic Identification (EID)?

An EID tag inserted into the ear of the animal contains a unique number which can be read by a reader.  This number cannot be tampered, with creating a reliable way of identifying animals as they move to different farms, sale yards and eventually to an abattoir.  This is how traceability schemes based on EID work. When the EID tag is used as part of a management system, it forms a simple way of recording and managing animals as individuals.

A portable or permanent ‘system’ can be used depending on the preference for ID capture method and/or yard setup/farming operation.

  • A hand held EID tag reader (below left) has the flexibility to be used anywhere on the farm to read & record the electronic IDs and/or collect data associated with that animal.
  • A hands free EID tag reader (below right) is more commonly used on the side of a crush and combined with a weigh scale to also capture the weight data of the animal being scanned.

Why use EID?

EID is the key to unlocking data at an individual animal level. The alternative is to record the information via traditional labour intensive notebook methods, nowadays the tools available save time and make the data more reliable. Examples of why some farmers are looking to automated readers to capture EID information are:

  • Read and transfer animal ID’s for compulsory complianceLink lambs/calves to mothers at birth
  • Record traditional visual ID tag numbers against EID’s in the yard
  • Add and edit data such as condition scores and notes (eg: lame, sick)
  • Sort animals into groups based on EID number (eg: graziers running weight range mobs and resorting for transfer)
  • Validate stock reconciliation and stock on hand.

Gallagher Solutions

Gallagher’s expertise in research and development and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, originally developed for human access control for its Security division, provided an ideal platform for the launch of their award winning Gallagher EID product range.

Gallagher hand held readers are lightweight, hardwearing and easy to use - perfect for on the go use at different sites. All models are also compatible with Gallagher’s FREE Animal Data Transfer App which transfers animal data to NAIT using a Gallagher EID Tag Reader and Android Smartphone.

  • HR3 – The entry level model has wireless EID recording with the same market leading ergonomic design as the top of the range HR4 and HR5 models.   Can be used on its own and also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to suitable weigh scales.
  • HR4  – Provides easy recording and viewing of pre-defined animal data against EID tag numbers. Animal sorting using pre-defined colour coded lists makes this job quick and simple, without the need to be at a weigh site.
  • HR5 - With its large colour screen and alpha numeric keypad, the HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader is an incredibly powerful portable data collection and editing platform providing flexibility right there in the yard.
    Farmers can record, edit and customise data against EID records immediately without needing to set it up in the office first.

Compare the features and benefits of these three models here.

Visit the Compliance and Animal Performance pages for further information about how Gallagher EID equipment can be used to help famers comply with traceability legislation and gain important extra benefits at an individual farm level.

HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Cattle
Young Cattle with EID Tag
HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Cattle
Young Cattle with EID Tag

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