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Animal (Livestock) Health

​Prevention is better than cure.


Diseases that affect livestock can have a significant impact on meat and milk production. Keeping livestock healthy is a top concern for farmers. Proper dosages of vaccines, medicines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data assists farmers with preventing diseases, improving herd health and optimising efficiency in the operation.


Read the introduction below to find out what the leading farms are doing to monitor their livestock. The collection of articles also included on this page provide examples and insight into how farmers are putting Gallagher solutions to good use as part of their health management system.    

A Basic Introduction to Cost Effective Animal (Livestock) Health

The financial and emotional impact of livestock health issues can be huge if not caught and treated early. A robust animal health programme relevant for location, operation type and size is critical to minimising the risk of disease and death for livestock on any farming operation and maintaining profitability.

This article takes a look at how weighing and electronic identification can contribute to cost effectively maintaining the health of your stock.

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Essential labour saving tool keeps an eye on ewe condition


With 5000 ewes on his 1275Ha station on New Zealand's South Island Phil Barnett is always keeping an eye out for solutions that will help him achieve the labour intensive farm activity like drafting more efficiently.

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Water monitor increases confidence and productivity


With a low annual rainfall, this mixed cropping and black Angus farm in South Australia, leaves nothing to chance when it comes to stock water.

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10Find out how a fence energizer reduced chicken mortality rates and fence checks by 50%.
25Huntly (New Zealand) dairy farming operation uses weighing to ensure cows in good condition in time for calving season.
41After a very bad run with livestock mauled by dogs, Dan and Linda Petty decided to put electric fencing around their Yuraraba property in southern Queensland, Australia.
58Rotokaia Farm’s new Gallagher i Series Fence Energizer is doing a great job protecting a valuable fodder beet crop from overgrazing.
59Gallagher is set to release the TSi 2 Livestock Manager – an extremely powerful animal management system that is even faster and smarter than its award-winning predecessor.
60The latest versions of Gallagher’s popular W610 and W810 weigh scale and data collectors offer faster livestock weighing and improved connectivity.
63Feathered inhabitants of the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony are getting used to seeing a bright orange Gallagher HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector pointed in their direction.
67Follow how Gallagher's weighing and EID systems are making deer farming easier and more efficient at Peel Forest Estate.
20Electric fencing, weighing and EID and water supply play critical roles in high performing cattle farms.
24A combined weighing and electronic identification (EID) system is the absolute best option for farmers looking to manage their livestock performance more profitably.