Our goal is to provide you with the best solutions to meet your farming needs and issues.

In this article library you'll find information on topics like why soil health matters, how to get peace of mind that you always have enough water on hand, how to accurately assess stock performance and much more.

For those new to electric fencing we know how tough it can be to learn all the ins and outs of setting one up for the first time. Our Electric Fencing section has an easy overview to the different types of fences, which are better suited to what need, how to earth your system for improved effectiveness and offers other helpful tips.

Everything included in this library pertains to cost-effective management practices that will help improve the health of your land, livestock and ultimately your bottom line.

And best of all, these articles contain practical applications, real farmers and industry experts who invite you to learn from their experiences and adapt them for your own situation.

dairy cows grazing in paddock

Ensuring Cows in Good Condition for Calving and Mating

Huntly (NZ) dairy farming operation uses weighing to ensure cows in good condition in time for calving season.

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Sheep Auto Drafter Left Close Up

Faster TSi2 processor improves productivity and reduces labour time

Strict selection criteria for weight, fleece, worm resistance and carcase analysis are part and parcel of the ongoing success of this high performing farm.

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Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Water monitoring improves decision making and reduces costs

As well as a high labour cost to do the weekly water run, the possibility of stock running out of water on this 15,000 hectare property was a constant source…

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Gallagher Fence Protects Lord of the Rings Movie Set

Gallagher Fence Protects Lord of the Rings Movie Set

​Hobbits don’t like sheep in their gardens. But how do you keep sheep out of a Hobbit’s garden without using conventional fencing?

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Dog on truck in front of Cattle at Thistle Creek

Animal Welfare, Quality at Forefront for Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Farmer

Farmer George Lake said the decision to begin raising organic, grass-fed beef on Thistle Creek Farms was one born out of both necessity and a desire to make his farm…

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On-farm benefits...


​The following collection of articles provides an overview and case study examples for some of the key farm management decision factors and the solutions available to support those decisions.

Find out about:

Pasture Management

Keep grass fresh and high energy for increased milk and meat production.

Animal Performance

Accurate measurement of weight gain and other traits for improved profitability.

Animal Health

Maintaining healthy stock for continued growth or milk production.


Turning the cost of compliance into an investment for more profitable farming.

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Solutions to...


Browse the quick links below to see the different systems that support improved pasture and stock management and how other farmers are using them.

Find out about:

Electric Fencing


Electronic ID

Water Monitoring

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Animal specific


Select your animal type below for a stock specific overview of grazing, weight and water management techniques.

Find out about:





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Our Case Studies View All

Wireless Pump Controller Touchpad

Remote monitoring system, enables anyone on the farm to check tank water…

Protect your number one asset with a touch button remote monitoring system
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Electromax High Conductive Electric Fence Wire

Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals…

Electric fencing is safer, more effective, easier to install and cheaper than conventional fencing.
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TW3 weigh scale weighing animals in a handler

A weighing system is a powerful yet easy to use solution which…

Accurately and easily measure animal performance
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