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Animal Electronic ID System

​The quick and easy way to comply with NAIT traceability legislation, and to collect animal data anywhere on farm.

​Why use EID?


  •  Quick, easy and accurate EID and/or animal data capture
  • Read and transfer animal ID’s for NAIT compliance
  • Link lambs/calves to mothers
  • Record visual ID numbers against EID’s in the yard
  • Add and edit data such as condition scores and animal notes
  • Sort animals into groups based on EID number
  • Validate stock reconciliation and stock on hand.


EID System Components:  

​EID Tag
Placed in the animal's ear to transmit a unique ID number


EID Tag Reader
Used to read and collect the EID tag number. This can be hand held or hands free panel reader


APS Software

Holds the data collected by the tag reader.