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Leadership Team

Gallagher leadership teams are inspired by one of New Zealand's most successful businessmen, CEO/Chairman, Sir William Gallagher.

Described by his staff as a pragmatic, approachable CEO, Sir William maintains an open door policy for his staff and encourages innovative thinking.



Sir William Gallagher KNZM, MBE. Hon D William Gallagher KNZM, MBE. Hon DCEO/Chairperson"When my father Bill Senior started this company he probably hadn't even heard of the word entrepreneur, but that never stopped him from being one."
Steve Tucker TuckerDeputy CEO/ Executive DirectorSteve Tucker says his goal at Gallagher is to explore and understand every part of the operation to “help deliver the message of what can be achieved with Gallagher.”
Margaret Comer ComerCorporate Services Executive/Board SecretaryMargaret Comer is unwavering about what creates success at Gallagher. "It’s the people. It’s the relationships we develop with our staff, our distributors, end-users and our suppliers that are critical to our success and that always takes priority."
Stephen Hoffman HoffmanInternational Sales Executive - Animal Management​Stephen Hoffman has the exciting role of delivering Gallagher innovation in Animal Management products to the group's worldwide distributor network and their customers. But despite over 20 years in the company, he still gets excited about the new opportunities his team can offer.
Mark Harris HarrisMarketing Manager - Animal Management​Mark Harris is a prime example of the relentless innovator in Gallagher’s leadership team. He’s constantly exploring ways to make animal management simpler and more profitable for Gallagher customers and he encourages his team to do the same.
Helen Camilleri CamilleriPeople & Brand Executive ​Helen has more than 16 years marketing and brand experience working with globally respected brands like LEGO®. She uses this unique blend of brand ‘science’ and practical commercial application to find the edge that will drive increased brand loyalty and market share growth for Gallagher.
Malcolm Linn LinnGeneral Manager - Animal Management Australia​Malcolm Linn, Gallagher Australia Animal Management General Manager, believes “customer service is not an option, it’s the key.” The support and loyalty shown to Gallagher over several generations of farmers, he believes, is due in large part to Gallagher’s customer inspired way of doing business.
Dan Geller GellerVice President of Sales and Marketing in North AmericaDan Geller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America, is responsible for developing partnerships with Gallagher North America Animal Management.
​Sarah Adams​Sarah AdamsBrand Manager – Animal ManagementSarah has had a long association with Gallagher products having been involved in farming her entire life, and has developed a great respect for the brand, its innovation and position in the market.
Darrell Jones JonesNational Sales Manager - New ZealandDarrell Jones has been with Gallagher since 2001, his long term commitment to Gallagher, focus and drive made him the ideal candidate for the National Sales Manager position when it became available in early 2016.
Tony Hancock HancockProduct Support ManagerTony Hancock, Gallagher Product Support Manager, says the role of his team is all about helping customers.