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Stephen Hoffman

Global General Manager - Animal Management

Stephen Hoffman has the exciting role of delivering Gallagher innovation in Animal Management products to the group's worldwide distributor network and their customers. But despite over 20 years in the company, he still gets excited about the new opportunities his team can offer.

Stephen joined Gallagher as a territory manager in 1989 and has been part of significant growth in the company including the acquisition and introduction of the Franklin Machinery range. This is enhanced by the growth in sales of Gallagher Animal Management products around the world.

During his time at Gallagher one highlight was being instrumental in taking the relationship with international distributors from a supplier relationship to a mutually beneficial partnership, which is a philosophy close to Stephen's heart. "A true partnership is where both parties defend the interests of the other. Organisations and individuals who adopt that philosophy are more likely to survive in the future."

Stephen has a strong affinity with the animal management environment, born in rural New Zealand and having grown up in an agricultural environment his is a natural progression into the primary industry.