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Livestock Firm Enjoys Benefits Of Quick NAIT Data Transfer

A Northland (New Zealand) based livestock company is finding the transfer of data to NAIT much easier with the use of Gallagher's simple bit of software.

Saturday, 01 January, 2022

A Northland-based livestock company is using new Gallagher software to make the transfer of NAIT information easier for clients.
Sloane Livestock Ltd, an independent livestock agency that services farmers “from the mid North to the Far North”, is an accredited information provider for NAIT.

Getting the Data to NAIT

“Since the NAIT scheme started, we’ve found that quite a high proportion of our clients prefer us to do the NAIT transfer work for them, says senior agent Leo Sloane. “It’s become an important part of the service.”
Sloane Livestock collects EID data on Gallagher Hand Held Tag Reader - HR3 and uses Gallagher NAIT Exchange software to transfer information to NAIT.

3 Simple Steps

“It’s a very simple process,” says Leo. After a day of visiting clients he downloads the information collected on the HR3 tag reader into his computer. “You just plug the HR3 into your laptop and all the information is there. Then you select the animal tag details from the session file you want and add in the NAIT number of the seller and purchaser. Then you hit go and it’s gone. It couldn’t be easier. The first few times I did it I couldn’t believe the information had gone through, so I checked up through the NAIT system and it was all there.”

Leo says Gallagher NAIT Exchange software is an advantage of using Gallagher EID equipment. Sloane Livestock recently bought four Hand Held Tag Readers after initially considering a competitor’s product. Leo says the HR3’s ease of use and Gallagher’s legendary backup support were the deciding factors.

Strong Support

He says the after-sales service provided by Gallagher Territory Manager Russell Wilson and Technical Support Manager Geoff Pooch “has been nothing short of brilliant”. “I can’t say enough about the backup. If I need help I can call Russell or Geoff and know that I’m not going to be put on hold. It’s great to have that kind of security.”

While the introduction of NAIT has created a few extra hassles for farmers and livestock companies, Leo says it’s something that had to happen.
“It’s like an insurance policy for our industry.”

Free and Easy

Available free through the Gallagher website, Gallagher NAIT Exchange software enables information from Gallagher software programmes to be transferred from a personal computer to NAIT in just three simple steps. Geoff Pooch says Gallagher NAIT Exchange software has been designed so that even users with minimal computer skills can use it effectively. “Not every farmer is computer-savvy, so the whole idea was to make it as easy as possible for Gallagher customers to comply with NAIT requirements,” he says.

“Designing software that is simple to use takes a lot of time and skill, but we’ve had excellent feedback from customers who have used the Gallagher NAIT Exchange software so far. I’ve heard many heart-felt comments from farmers saying transferring information to NAIT was so much easier than they thought it would be.”

PC and Phone

Gallagher has also released a second software product, Gallagher Animal Data Transfer for Android, which has been designed to interface the Gallagher Hand Held Tag Reader HR3 with Android-compliant mobile phones. This application enables the user to extract animal tag details from the tag reader using Bluetooth and attach them to an email on the Android phone that can be sent directly to a computer. The advantage of this is that the reader doesn’t need to be connected directly to the computer for data to be transferred.

Gallagher also offers a free on-farm service for system selection, installation and training for Gallagher EID equipment customers. For customer Freephone support, call 0800 731 500. Final Note: Gallagher NAIT Exchange is Windows software, available as a free download from the Gallagher website. It is designed for farmers and stock agents, to make the task of notifying NAIT of animal movements an easy 3 step process. No need to log into the NAIT website and upload files.

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“The after-sales service...has been nothing short of brilliant”