Portable Fencing

Portable electric fences provide flexibility in pasture management and are ideal for short-term animal control or rotational grazing. Easily transported, constructed and maintained, portable fences are an effective temporary fencing solution for a range of animals and situations.

Turbo Braid 656'

Tapes, Wires, Braids

Tapes, Wires and Braids are used on portable fences rather than the galvaniz​ed…

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Geared Reel

Reels and Accessories

Reels hold the tape, braid or wire for a portable fence. You can…

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Posts - Pigtails and Tread-ins

Temporary Fence posts are lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. Pigtail posts are…

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Horse Corral Kit

All In One Kits

Don't know where to start? Gallagher Canada offers a wide variety of fence…

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Poultry Netting


Netting is easy to install. Use as a garden fence, poultry enclosure or…

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