Emo Feed Service; Pasture Walk & Talk

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM 7 August, 2019

Fire Number 5089 HWY 602; Devlin, Ontario

Come and join your fellow local producers and expert grazer as we talk about grazing and pasture management.

Special Speaker: Jonathan Bouw of Edie Creek Angus

Topic: What Is and Isn’t Working

Location: John Sawatzky Farm

Edie Creek Angus uses Holistic Planned grazing (aka Adaptive Multi Paddock “AMP” grazing) to maximize
Forage resources & FREE Solar Energy! At Edie Creek, the grazing plan is set up ahead of the season with a
focus on short duration & long rest periods to allow adequate root energy recovery. They aim to leave,
ungrazed , 1/3 of their forage biomass to act as a solar panel for recovery, allowing the remaining forage to
help regenerate soil health for the next grazing cycle. Come hear about how Edie Creek manages grazing and
cattle genetics as well as the struggles and triumphs of switching over to this method of farming.

RSVP to Emo Feeds at 807-482-2017; Johannes at 807-271-0802; John at 807-271-3216

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