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There’s a lot to consider when implementing a managed grazing plan: soil health, pasture layout, fence systems, water configurations, forage composition and more. A lot is dependent on your goals as a producer. The decisions you make will be unique to your goals, geography, and weather patterns. Let our team of Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro dealerships lend their expertise and show you how to achieve the most with your pasture and livestock. Gallagher Certified Pasture Pros can help you plan a grazing program as well as install a pasture management system that will meet your specific needs and maximize yields both now, and in the future.
Cody Dvorak

Cody Dvorak

Program & Business Development Manager

Kansas City, Missouri

Email cody.dvorak@gallagher.com

Cody grew up in Stuart, Nebraska in the Sandhills region where his dedication to the livestock industry was cultivated helping his family raise commercial Black Angus cattle. Cody continued to build on his passion for the agriculture industry at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln where he earned a B.S. in agricultural education, focusing on animal sciences. After a few years of teaching and advising F.F.A. in Minnesota, he took the opportunity to work in the industry with Purina Animal Nutrition. He then earned a master’s certificate in feed science from North Carolina State University and joined Gallagher in his current role. Cody identifies and develops strategic initiatives to grow awareness and adoption of managed grazing techniques in North America. These initiatives support Passion for Pasture, a training program for qualified independent dealers. Upon successful completion of training and development, dealership partners are recognized as Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro’s. Training involves education from leading grazing and forage experts, hands-on training in fence construction, selection of proper equipment from seasoned experts, and guidance on a suite of software and mapping tools to help managers establish and improve their pastures. Pasture Pro dealerships are taught to focus on improving ecological relationships between soil, forage, and livestock. They utilize the right techniques and tools to build a more profitable, sustainable operation for their customers. Cody attends many industry events to raise awareness of managed grazing and the unique services each Certified Pasture Pro offers. He also works with complimentary organizations to create partnerships benefiting the Pasture Pro network and their customers. If you are interested in Pasture Pro services or have any questions about pasture management, please send Cody an email at the address above. If you are a business or organization working with pasture improvement or assisting pasture managers in North America, Cody would also be glad to discuss potential opportunities with the Passion for Pasture program.

Jack Kyle

Jack Kyle

Grazing & Forage Specialist

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Jack was raised on a mixed dairy farm in Southern Ontario that continues to be farmed by his family. After graduating from the University of Guelph with a B.S. in Animal Science, Jack worked in the feed and grain industry for ten years and received his crop advisor certification in 1998. Jack had a career spanning thirty-one years with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), the last fifteen years as the Provincial Grazier Specialist working from the Lindsay OMAFRA Resource Centre. In his role as Provincial Grazier Specialist Jack provided grazing and pasture management direction to livestock producers across Ontario. Since early 2017 Jack has been providing support to the Gallagher Passion for Pasture program as a grazing and forage consultant. Jack lends his many years of experience and expertise in grazing management to the program by leading the technical training of the Pasture Pro dealerships. Jack is responsible for ensuring Pasture Pros have the knowledge and tools they need to provide advice to their grazing livestock customers. Jack can often be found at many grazing events across Canada and the United States raising awareness of the benefits of managed grazing and how focusing on soil health can improve forage quality and quantity. He works to raise awareness and implementation of managed grazing which is arguably the most critical factor for improving production, profits, and perseverance of an operation with grazing livestock. If you have specific questions about building soil health or changing and improving your grazing operation, your inquires can be directed to Jack at PassionForPasture@gallagher.com.

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