Provincial Funding for Waterers

Pre-qualify to receive 40-50% back on livestock waterer purchases throughOntario's Hydro One Save On Energy Retrofit Program.  Virtually any business customer operating out of Ontario can participate in the Retrofit Program.

​Why do M​any of Miraco's Livestock Waterers Qualify?  Ontario's Save On Energy Retrofit Program qualifications:
  • Heated waterers must have a minimum of 2" internal insulation.  All Miraco waterers are built rugged and have a minimum of 2" internal insulation.  Many Miraco waterers have 3"+ of internal insulation.
  • The program allows a maximum of 300 watts of electricity.  Miraco's 250 watt heater kit + Miraco's 40 watt extension heater coil, calculate​ to 290 watts and meets program criteria.
Visit Hydro One​ today to learn more.  To learn more about Miraco's wide selection of livestock waterers and how they can benefit your operation, please visit a Miraco dealer in store today.

In Alberta, qualify through the Growing Forward 2 for a rebate of 70% on Energy Free waterers and low energy consumption waterers.  All Miraco tanks qualify under this program.  The low energy use tanks (E Fount and Lil Spring qualify for upgranding only - not new installs). Click here to learn more.

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