Brussells Agri Services Pasture Walk

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM 5 June, 2019

Grazing Meadows | Brussels, Ontario

You are invited to join us for the 2018 Annual Grazing Meadows Pasture Walk and Talk hosted by Tim and Donna Prior of Grazing Meadows and Brussels Agri Services in East Huron, Ontario, June 5, 2019 at 5:00pm.

BBQ Supper starts at 5:00 pm.
Please RSVP: 519-357-5807.

The Priors are well known in the Huron County, Ontario area for promoting rotational grazing and intelligent pasture management. Tim and Donna both, firmly believe that this approach is the responsible way to raise a healthy herd while impacting the environment in the least way possible.

This commitment to sustainability has led the Priors to open their operation to other producers for the annual Annual Grazing Meadows Pasture Walk & Talk. This event is attended by hundreds of people who come to listen to the guest speakers and tour the Grazing Meadows operation. Here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Special presentation from eShepherd Virtual Fence. Guest presenter: Nancy Reilly. Automated controlled grazing, waterway protection, precision farming techniques, remotely monitor and manage cattle.
  • Special Guest Speaker Norm Ward. Healthy soil with managed grazing.
  • Live rotation demonstration of Tim and Donna's rotational grazing setup.
  • Grazing tools with Tim Campbell and Bruce Abbey (special pricing).
  • Arrowquip Handling Equipment and Gallagher Weighing and EID System Live Demo with Tim Prior and Ray Williams of Gallagher.
  • Passion for Pasture Pros, Jack Kyle and Cody Dvorak.
  • Norm Ward will demonstrate his "Razer Grazer".

    Come learn how you can improve your pasture management system.

Can't make it to an event?

Our expert team are based throughout the country providing nationwide service and offering one-on-one system selection advice, training and support.

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