Livestock Health

Prevention is better than cure.

Keeping livestock healthy is a top concern for Canada producers. We know that systems that allow for the tracing of livestock throughout the production supply chain are invaluable.​ To this end, Gallagher offers not only electric fencing systems, but quality weighing, electronic identification and data collection systems to help with traceability. We also offer Miraco watering systems that contribute to the quality of life, health and well-being of livestock. ​​​

​This collection of articles covers a number of management activities from selecting proper nutrition to animal handling techniques - in order to better inform producers and hobbyists about cost-effective management practices that will help improve the health of their livestock and their bottom line.

Livestock Health: The Benefits of a Weighing & Electronic Identification (EID) System

T​​he fin​an​cial and emotional impact of livestock health issues can be huge if not caught and treated early.

A robust animal health program relevant for location, operation type and size is critical to minimizing the risk of disease and death for livestock on any farm or ranch and for maintaining profitability.

​Proper dosages of vaccines, medicines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data assists producers with preventing diseases, improving herd health and optimizing efficiency in their operations.​

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Gallagher Weigh Scale System

Weigh System Helps Cattle Producer Make Better Management Decisions

There is an old saying that says you cannot manage what you do not measure. On a livestock operation where pounds of animal equate to dollars in the bank, this adage rings true.

Measuring factors, such as animal weights, is vital not only to improving animal and herd performance, but ensuring the producer's bottom line as well. Greg Marlay, manager of DJV Cattle Company in Edwards, Missouri recognizes this necessity.

"Weighing is the first basic step in managing production," says Marlay.

"Our company quote here is, 'Identify the pullers and draggers,' " says Marlay. "We cannot do that without scales and an identification system."​

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Miraco Tanks at Bunker Stables

Leading Horses to a More Energy Efficient Drink

Dimmerman was able to put his E-Fount to the test when locally-based Connexus Energy asked Bunker Park Stables to participate in an energy efficient water fountain study.

It took just one instance during a rough winter to convince Jim Dimmerman that the only watering fountains he'd use were the best on the market.

"As I was completing my morning rounds, I noticed water spraying everywhere from the main line," says Dimmerman. "The water fountain had frozen overnight; to access the water, the draft horses knocked the unit off its base. That was the moment the quality and dependability of livestock waterers became a priority in my mind."

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Electric Fence Training

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Government Funding for Canada Producers

An Opportunity for More Time and More Money | Gallagher Canada

​Ask any livestock producer and they'll tell you they could most certainly use more time and money.

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Draft Horse behind electric fence

New Horse on the Block | Gallagher Canada

As a little boy, Leonard Fraser recalls his grandfather working their Nova Scotia farm with a team of Clydesdale horses.

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Pasture Walks are Educational

Innovative Ideas, Problem-Solving Benefit of Pasture Walks | Gallagher Canada

Idea exchange among individuals, referred to as knowledge spillover in some circles, is a common occurrence in today's digitally-connected society.…

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Oak Hollow Angus Ranch

Quality Management Tools Assist in the Production of Quality Angus Beef | Gallagher Canada

Eight generatio​​​ns and 215 years of experience in the ​cattle business have taught the Lowe family of Smiths Grove, Kentucky…

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Thistle Creek Cattle Dog in Pickup

Quality at Forefront for Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Farmer | Gallagher Canada

Farmer George Lake said the decision to begin raising organic, grass-fed beef on Thistle Creek Farms was one born out…

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