An Opportunity for More Time and More Money

​Ask any livestock producer and they'll tell you they could most certainly use more time and money.

“Canadian livestock producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan have a unique opportunity...”

​​They'd use the time to finish daily chores quicker to be able to spend evenings with loved ones, and they'd use the money to fix nagging projects around their most important financial investment – their operation.

Canadian livestock producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan have a unique opportunity through the Growing Forward 2 Food Safety Systems Producer Program and Saskatchewan Livestock Traceability Rebate Program, to move forward with improvements to their facilities in an effort to be more efficient in their operation management and in turn, free up precious time.

Participation in either program will provide reimbursement up to 70% of eligible project upgrades.

While the two provincial programs may differ slightly in eligibility requirements and maximum funding reimbursement, the purpose remains the same: to encourage livestock producers to invest in equipment and traceability systems to improve on-farm management practices, thereby enhancing innovation, business competitiveness, market development and food safety performance.

For producers outside the program areas, funding may be available through federal, provincial or territorial government programs for traceability activities. Producers are encouraged to inquire with their respective government agencies or visit one of the website links below.

But for livestock producers within the provinces, taking advantage of this business opportunity translates to making technological and equipment improvements to their facilities, allowing operations to run more efficiently and creating greater marketing opportunities for the future – all for 30 cents on the dollar.

The Alberta and Saskatchewan programs individually specify items and equipment which are eligible, however, qualifying items for both programs include weighing systems, hand held readers and traceability software for tracking animal health records.

Of the variety of products available, many producers have selected the Gallagher TSI Animal Management System. Producers find the TSI to be the most comprehensive, accurate and cost-effective technological solution on the market today.

The Gallagher TSI Animal Management System is an integrated weigh scale, computer and animal management system in one, enabling improved livestock management and performance. The TSI allows livestock operators the ability to weigh animals, record and track animal health information and other important animal management data – all in a single unit.

Additionally, many livestock producers have opted to select one of Gallagher's hand held Electronic Animal Identification (EID) readers as well. The portable devices read information stored in electronic ear tags and enables rapid and accurate identification of individual animals. Further, the tag readers communicate with weigh scales and other data capture devices, allowing for seamless transmission of data between the EID reader and the TSI system.

For producers selling livestock, the added ability to provide customers complete and accurate data on any individual animal not only gives the seller a marketing advantage over their competition, it establishes a long history of performance data that can be used as a reference when making important operation management decisions.

Whether producers are upgrading their current management system or using the technology for the first time, investing in the Gallagher TSI Animal Management System and hand held EID reader makes working livestock easier, safer and less stressful for both the producer and the animal.

There's no better time for Alberta and Saskatchewan producers to make this important investment in their operations. For a 30% out-of-pocket investment, producers will reap 100% of the savings for years to come.

For more information, eligibility requirements and an online application for the Alberta Growing Forward 2 Food Safety Systems Producer Program, please visit: Due to finite funding available, Alberta producers are encouraged to submit their completed applications as soon as possible, as applications will be considered for approval on a first come, first served basis.

For more information, eligibility requirements and an online application for the Saskatchewan Livestock Traceability Rebate, please visit: Applications are due February 1, 2018.

For more information about provincial and territorial government programs, please visit the links below.

Growing Forward 2:

For more information about the Gallagher TSI Animal Management System or EID hand held readers, please visit our Weighing & EID page​.

Government Funding for Canada Producers

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