This library of articles covers a number of pasture and animal management activities.

Here you'll find information about establishing a grazing plan, how to set up fresh water sources for your livestock, why soil health matters to topics about livestock handling techniques.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? We know how tough it can be to learn all the ins and outs of setting up an electric fence for the first time without someone physically being beside to you to guide you. Our Fencing 101 section to goes over how to correctly setup an electric fence, the types of energizers available, how to ground your system and other helpful tips.

Everything included in this library pertains to cost-effective management practices that will help improve the health of your land, herd and ultimately your bottom line.

And best of all, these articles contain practical applications, suggestions and advice from real ranchers, farmers and industry experts who invite you to learn from their experiences and improve upon them.

Electric Fencing Tips

5 Key Factors to Maximizing an Electric Fence System

5 Key factors that will help you maximize your electric fencing system.

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Rotational Grazing

Foraging Ahead Through Challenging Times

​If there's one thing a cattle producer can count on, it's knowing they're going to face a challenge that's beyond their control.

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Bowman uses Tumblewheels to graze cattle

Ranch & Farm Equipment that Stands the Test of (and Saves) Time

​Visitors can't help but notice the diverse offerings when stopping by the Gallery on the Farm in Enniskillen, Ontario, Canada. And that's by design, says owner Eric Bowman.

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Gallagher Weigh Scale System

Weigh System Helps Cattle Producer Make Better Management Decisions

There is an old saying that says you cannot manage what you do not measure. On a livestock operation where pounds of animal equate to dollars in the bank, this…

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Curt Pate practicing low stress handling

5 Essentials to Better Stockmanship with Curt Pate

Handling cattle can be stressful, especially during activities like weaning or shipping. Using low-stress livestock handling techniques can help to make these tasks run smoother and keep both cattle and…

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Electric Fencing 101


Our Fencing 101 section to goes over how to correctly setup an electric fence, the types of chargers available, how to ground your system and other helpful tips.

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Pasture Management


This collection of articles covers a number of management activities: helpful advice in creating a grazing plan, how maximize forage and the importance of soil health.

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Livestock Health


Discover how proper dosages of vaccines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data can assist with improving livestock health.

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Our Case Studies View Articles

Cattle Grazing Corn Stalks in Corn Field

Many producers have found great success utilizing portable fencing to graze corn…

Corn grazing is the cost-effective method to feed cattle in the winter.
Garth Hein
Gallagher Territory Manager
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Bear Fence

​​​Many feel challenged about keeping their cattle and livestock in with fencing.…

Bears are smart animals and they will find a way to get around most preventative measures.
Mark Bruscino
Game and Fish Department
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Electric Fence Check in Spring

​After a long winter, fences and pastures may be a little worn…

First up on the spring to-do list should be walking the fence line.
Owen White
Gallagher Territory Manager
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