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Fencing Solutions Powered by Gallagher and the Sun

Tired of constantly fixing fence, Scott Akey did what some would consider unthinkable, he tore it out. All of it – to the tune of almost 50 acres of electric poly tape

As Farm Manager of Shoal Creek Land and Cattle, a diverse purebred cattle operation located just outside Kansas City, Akey doesn't have time to spend a significant portion of the day tending to fence.

"I needed less man power fixing fence and more time focusing on other ranch projects," Akey says. "So I replaced all of the poly tape with Gallagher's electric Turbo Wire."

Smart decision, says Jeff Saxton, Director of Sales, East for Gallagher North America. "The Turbo Wire is reliable, highly-visible and made from a heavy duty mix of metals – making it long-lasting and dependable. The wire's turbo conductivity makes it an ideal product for a cattle ranch such as Shoal Creek, or any livestock operation."

Akey explains one of the main reasons he replaced the fence tape with the Turbo Wire was because it works in tandem with Gallagher's Solar Energizers.

The products really complement each other and are very efficient when used together, Akey says. He selected the S17 Solar Energizer as the best fit for his operation needs.

"The S17s hold their charge and last much longer than similar products on the market," he says.

That's part of the appeal to using Gallagher Solar Energizers, Saxton says. "The Energizers, such as the S17 model, use solar energy to charge an internal battery to power the entire unit, so you're not relying on a constant supply of batteries to keep the product functioning."

An easily visible LED Pulse Indicator shows the Energizer is working and has enough charge, explains Saxton. "A red light will flash if the battery is low, saving ranchers time not having to frequently check the power supply on individual units. Utilizing solar energizers creates an efficient time management as well as a cost-effective alternative to battery-powered energizers."

Gallagher's Solar Energizers also provide flexibility in their application, says Saxton. They can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to 110v power, and also for portable, short term livestock control, he says.

The practical features of the S17 Energizers are especially helpful at Shoal Creek Land and Cattle as Akey uses the units to split pastures and also section off viewing lots for cattle during the company's production sale.

"The flexibility of the Energizer allows us to quickly and easily set up viewing areas for our customers during our annual sale," Akey says. "We also use the S17s in conjunction with the Turbo Wire to create larger pastures in a more permanent application."

Saxton also notes the ease of use of a Gallagher Solar Energizer. "It's incredibly simple to set up and use," he says. "You can hook it up to the fence and ground rod, turn it on and walk away. The Energizers also have only one control switch, so you don't have to be an expert in electric fencing to operate it."

Akey agrees. "You can mount the unit on a steel post, stick it in the ground and you're ready to go – it truly is that easy to use," he says.

Akey explains he's a firm believer in solar products and has incorporated them in his ranch management program from the beginning. "I've been ranching my entire life and have been using solar products for about the same amount of time," he says.

In addition to fence wire and solar energizers, Akey says he trusts the quality and dependability of Gallagher products and utilizes many of the company's items around Shoal Creek Land and Cattle.

"Everything on this ranch that is electric, battery, or solar operated is powered by Gallagher," Akey says. "As well as products that work in conjunction with or support the energizers such as hand held remote fault finders and Ring Top posts."

"They are the best products out there, hands down," he says. "I have not found products better on the market."


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“Everything on this ranch that is electric, battery, or solar operated is powered by Gallagher.”