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Latest Gallagher & Automed Integration


KANSAS CITY, MO-Gallagher and automed, Inc. are excited to announce their latest integration of automed’s automatic livestock medication systems with Gallagher’s Touch Screen Scale and Data Collection line. This integration will provide an enhanced ease of use for livestock producers administering weight-based livestock medications. This is the first scale line that automed has been able to connect to via WiFi instead of bluetooth which means the set-up is faster and the connection is more reliable.

The latest innovation
Traditionally, automed connects to scales through bluetooth connections which allows the automed system to receive weight information to calculate the accurate dose needed for individual animal treatments. With the WiFi connection, the system connects directly to the scale which means the automed device has a better connection throughout the entire work process.

“We are excited to integrate with the Gallagher Touch Screen Scale and Data Collection line scale via WiFi with the automed livestock medication system,” comments Kathleen Gilman, Support and Training (or CXO) at automed. “This will allow livestock producers who are utilizing weight-based dosing to connect the automed system to the Gallagher scale quicker with a more reliable connection.”

Gallagher Touch Screen Scales & Data Collectors
The latest Gallagher line of touch screen scale indicators and data collector/managers displays reliable, accurate weights quickly. The innovative touch screen is easily viewed in the brightest sunlight and combines ease of use with enhanced data collection and EID compatibility.

Gilman adds, “With the joining of Gallagher and automed, recording treatment records has never been easier. Like automed, Gallagher uses customer feedback to make their products better and provide a bigger benefit to fit their needs.”

The TW-1, TW-3 and TWR-5 provide the ability to record animal traits, including ownership, breed, sex or age, and the ability to draft the animal based on the recorded traits. For commercial producers, it gives them the option to manage animals based on attributes other than just weight.

The Touch Screen scales have been developed to meet the needs of livestock producers who want scales delivering rugged reliability within a design that incorporates the latest in connectivity and ease of use.

Click here learn more about the Gallagher Touch Screen Scales and Data Collectors. More information about automed integrations can be found at https://automed.io/.


About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation.

About Gallagher: Gallagher offers quality electric fencing, weighing and data collection solutions for livestock producers. Gallagher strives to educate producers on animal health and pasture management principles.