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Introducing Gallagher’s Newest Family of Solar Energizers


KANSAS CITY, MO – Gallagher's new generation of Solar Energizers represent another big leap forward for electric fencing systems.

"This new generation of solar Energizers builds on the innovation of Gallagher's solar technology to offer customers an extended selection of distance ratings in a much smaller footprint," says Dan Geller Vice President for Gallagher North America.

The new S10 Solar Energizer powers up to 3 miles and 15 acres and boasts several customer inspired improvements that make it ideal for livestock, strip grazing, garden protection and pet containment.

The new look-a-like S16 Solar Energizer powers up to 10 miles/30 acres and like the S10 is incredibly simple to set up and operate.  "You hook it up to a proper fence and ground rods, turn it on and walk away," says Geller. Once activated, the unique battery saving technology of the S10 and S16 allow the units to operate for up to three weeks without sun. An easily visible LED Pulse Indicator shows the Energizers are working and have enough charge. A red light flashes if the battery is low.

The newly designed waterproof and drop resistant casing is made to last under extreme conditions and are equipped with a design that allows them to be mounted on a steel post for 360 degree placement. With this design, the solar panel can be easily positioned South towards the sun, regardless of which way the post is facing.

Another addition to the line is the new S22 Solar, sister to the popular S17 Solar Energizer. This unit stores .22 joules of energy and is capable of powering up to 12 miles/40 acres of fencing, making it an effective portable Energizer solution for graziers and producers.  Made from the most durable plastic available, the S22 is designed to provide reliable, ongoing pasture, stock and fence protection in all weather conditions.  This unit comes equipped with built in night save to extend battery life.

"Built with North America in mind, this powerful new line of solar-powered Energizers gives producers multiple options in a smaller more compact design all while delivering maximum power."