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Ken McMiken

Territory Manager - Tasman/West Coast

021 243 7713

Ken McMiken joined Gallagher in July 2009, but his association with the company spans back much further.

He had spent the previous three years as a Territory Manager for Donaghys, covering a similar geographical area within the Tasman-West Coast region. Prior to that he worked as a product manager for Goldpine, running the Gallagher account, and before that he worked for CRT in Richmond.

"I already had a good knowledge of Gallagher and Gallagher products before I came here. It was a company I had always wanted to work for."

Ken was raised initially in mid Canterbury before his family moved to Nelson. After leaving school he worked on a kiwifruit and berry orchard in the region while completing a Certificate in Horticulture. His early work experience also included a character-building stint on the factory floor at a brickworks in Brisbane.

As a Gallagher Territory Manager he enjoys putting his problem-solving skills to the test on a range of farm types. "It’s great to be able to provide farmers and orchardists with solutions that will help them improve their operations."

Ken and wife Angela have two children, Hamish and Annabelle, and live in Wakefield, south of Richmond.

His hobbies include hunting, fishing, tramping and running. He plays soccer and also coaches his son’s junior soccer team – a job that is almost as character-building as the brickworks.