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Electric Fence System Cleverly Accommodates Irrigation System

Find out how an electric fence system met the challenge of providing a solution that meets the needs of both cropping and livestock regimes.

Wilkins Farming Ltd carries about 25,000 head of livestock at any one time, so good fencing is crucial.

The family company runs a livestock and cropping business spread over several farms in northern Southland. As well as breeding and finishing sheep, deer and cattle, the company also winters dairy cows and grows cereal, Brassica and grass seed crops.

Director Michael Wilkins says one of the challenges for the operation is to have fencing that suits both cropping and livestock regimes. The company recently experimented with this while subdividing two irrigated blocks totaling about 600 hectares.

"Our aim was to put new electric fencing on part of each block to see we had things right before we fenced the rest."

Gallagher On Farm Territory Manager, Lindsay Whyte was called in to help design a system that would provide good stock control while allowing the efficient operation of 700 metre lateral irrigators.

Bungy cord gates, spring wire and fibreglass standards were incorporated into the design to allow irrigator travel. This combined with the use of high quality products such as SmartPower MX7500 Energizers and XL High Conductive aluminium coated wire ensures that current flow to the rest of the farm is not compromised as the irrigators traverse permanent and temporary fences.

Michael says the system is effective and simple to work with. "We've got good current flow and good stock control right around the blocks."

He says the company uses Gallagher products on all its farms.

“We've got good current flow and good stock control right around the blocks.”