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Why weigh your animals?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Weighing your animals is a powerful performance measurement and profit management tool. Monitoring livestock weight gives you insight into animal growth, health and performance, allowing you to make more informed management decisions using data that is accurate and easily accessible. And keeping this process easy with the right tools leaves you more time for family… and fishing.

Customer story

Mat Sheriff using cloud technology for an easier “weigh” of life

“We measure everything we can here. Hitting our liveweight targets is vitally important. If we don’t hit those targets, we run the risk of not selling out cattle at the right time, which directly affects our bottom line weigh system.”

Come the Gallagher weigh

Read stories from our Gallagher team on the road and how they can help.

Lindsay Whyte - Missed premiums highlight the importance of weighing stock

If farmers want to get their animals as close to that 20kg weight as possible they need to be monitoring their progress and adjusting their feeding regime to suit.

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Darren Smith - Tilting the odds in your favour when times are tough

A lot of farmers weigh their animals, but not all of them capture and recall the data in ways that help them make good decisions.

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Mark Sheridan - Tag and register calves with the right gear to make NAIT easy

As well as protecting our dairy sector from biosecurity risks like Foot and Mouth Disease, Mycoplasma Bovis and Tuberculosis, there are other benefits to tagging and registering calves.

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Tom Fitzgerald - Technology makes animal tracking and tracing easy

All that matters is that farm life is made easier. My job is to make that happen.

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Ken McMiken - Making decisions based on hard data not gut feel

Farmers now have access to new tools and technology to help them see what’s happening beneath the surface.

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Wireless Loadbars

Eliminate the most common failure point in traditional loadbars - the cables.

Weighing your livestock has never been easier - connect directly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale* or turn your phone into a Weigh Scale with the Animal Performance Mobile App. With multiple sizes for all weighing set ups, 'the wireless weigh' offers a solution for all livestock farmers.

*Excluding W-0 Weigh Scale

Animal Performance

Web and mobile app


Animal Performance completes your Gallagher Weighing & EID system. Take control of your data with a fully connected solution that allows you to track animal performance, make better decisions and grow your profit.