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Innovation plus people equals Gallagher formula for Fieldays success


“This year proves an ideal opportunity to showcase how we continue to not only push the boundaries on technology, but also continue to build strong, collaborative relationships with industry partners and farmer customers.”

The complete suite of Gallagher products resulting from the company’s innovative, collaborative approach to development will be on display at Mystery Creek this year.

It will include breakthrough fencing technology like the S20 Portable Solar Energizer, the High Visibility Sighter and the Dual Purpose Portable Handle.

Darrell Jones says all the equipment has come from listening to issues farmers have had with equipment they use every day, and developing products that do it better, safer and simpler. “The S20 Energizer for example, it has all the key features of the highly popular S10 model, but with twice the power. It’s ideal for farmers wanting to push their strip grazing that little bit further.”

With health and safety requirements tightening, farmers will also be interested in the simple, multi-purpose applications for the High Visibility Sighter, capable of being used not only on bungy cord or steel wire but also to highlight specific hazards around the farm.
“Their ability to be fixed in a number of ways just adds to their adaptability and suitability as low cost hazard identifiers.”

Dairy farmers will also have the opportunity to become familiar with the company’s recently launched Flashmate® Electronic Heat Detector. The Flashmate is rapidly proving to be a game changer for farmers wanting to lift their herd’s mating performance. Its simple flashing light warning system identifying cows on heat has helped farmers improve cow submission rates by detecting cows that may otherwise be missed, and farmers are also reporting lifts in their critical six-week in calf rate through more accurate heat detection.
“The Flashmate also means the critical task of heat detection has been made simpler, and can be shared amongst team members on farms, rather than relying only upon one person through the entire period.”

But the site is not only about innovative products. Gallagher draws on an immense wealth of practical and talented field staff who spend their working lives helping farmers get the most out of the equipment offered, and providing feedback for continuous improvement. These same staff will be on hand over the Fieldays, offering that advice freely and with typical Gallagher enthusiasm.

“This is a great chance for farmers to have a chat about the equipment, maybe find out a bit more about something they already have, or are interested in investing in, without the usual distractions and chores calling that they would have at home on the farm,” says Darrell.
Taking the expert advice a step further, Gallagher will also have members of the Fencing Contractors Association of New Zealand (FCANZ) on site this year.

“We will have some of the best fence contractors in the country putting together fences that incorporate Gallagher equipment, showing how effective and simply the equipment can be integrated.”

Gallagher is a proud “Gold” sponsor of the FCANZ, dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of fence construction among its members.
A key theme within the site this year will be a focus on equine fencing systems, highlighting the specialised technology and equipment Gallagher has developed over the years for containing often highly valuable livestock. Visitors to the site may even be able to catch up with some celebrity siblings many equine loving visitors will already be familiar with.

As NAIT compliance becomes a compulsory “must do” for farmers, Gallagher staff will also be on hand to assist with specific software and hardware support for farmers using stock ID and weighing systems.

“We found at the regional field days this year there was very strong interest in weigh systems and EID technology as farmers work to try and maximise their per head livestock returns – we think Fieldays will be a repeat of that interest.”

Darrell Jones said Gallagher takes particular pride in their Fieldays site with the entire concept, layout and build completed by staff members committed to showcasing the best talent, technology and collaboration the company has available.

Visit the Gallagher site at Mystery Creek – Gallagher Building, cnr M Road & D Street.