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Gallagher turns on innovation at Regional Field Days


Strong commodity prices, good grass growth and the opportunity to invest in cutting edge farm technology and innovation mean Gallagher staff are expecting a strong turnout to their stand at this year’s Regional Field Day events Northland, Central Districts and South Island.

Gallagher National Sales Manager Darrell Jones says this year’s field days provides a showcase for the innovations the company has perfected over the past two years of intensive product development and launches.

“Our fencing technology is what we are best known for and farmers expect us to deliver simple, affordable solutions to fencing challenges. We have the Insulated Line Post fence system on display, with plenty of advice on hand about how to make the most out of this lightweight, durable fencing option.”

To enhance the system’s effectiveness over longer lengths the Electric Fence Dropper will be available for the first time. Suitable for multi-wire sheep, goat and cattle fences including the Insulated Line Post and any wood or steel post system, the Electric Fence Droppers enable post spacing to be extended, lowering fence costs.

Easily attached with a screwdriver and available in packs of 10 they are a simple means to reduce fence post spacing without compromising on wire spacing.

Farmers seeking a remote solar powered solution for their electric fence energizer will also be able to check out the company’s entire solar energizer range, including the re-launched S200 Portable Solar Energizer.

“With the S200 we have basically made what was already a pretty clever piece of kit even smarter, reworking the system to enhance battery life and provide an effective power delivery regardless of daylight conditions and battery status.”

With sheep and livestock prices at near record highs, the Gallagher staff are anticipating significant interest from their farmer clients in the company’s award-winning TWR weigh scale range.

The popularity of the scales as a stock management solution for farmers has come from their easy to use, intuitive menu, easily followed on the smart-phone like display screen.

“The TWR’s screen has been a real winner with farmers – the system is as easy to follow as their smartphone’s menu, and the screen is easy to see, even in the brightest conditions.”

The weigh system’s simplicity also extends to its compact nature, combining the EID reader hardware into the scales themselves.
“This keeps the entire set up very simple, just connect the TWR to and EID antenna panel and you’re ready to go.”

The recent concerns over M.bovis outbreaks has prompted more farmers to invest in Gallagher’s handheld readers, and coupling them to the scales is providing farmers with valuable management data on weight gains and stock performance.

“We always look forward to the Regional Field Day events. It’s a great opportunity to talk one on one with our customers and learn more about how our equipment is performing for them, and where we may be able to help with other solutions,” says Darrell.