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2019 Top Tech Tips


We have received a great response to our Tech Tips on Social Media this year so thought we would recap the best of them:

Would your fence handle this kind of tension?

Our Insulated End Strainer is an all in one assembly, it can insulate, strain and connect fence wires. The integrated joint clamp allows direct attachment of wires and power connection. It's also HEAVY DUTY - 1.4x stronger than previous models and backed with a 10 year warranty.

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmPMr8Xr26U

Why does the energizer need an earth system?

The earth is half the circuit of your fencing system. Electrons travel from the energizer, along the fence wire and back through the ground to the energizer to complete the circuit. Like a radio antenna collects sounds waves, the earth system collects the electrons.

The earth must be as conductive as possible for the fence to give the animal an effective shock. A simple guide is one earth stake for every 5 joules of stored energy with a minimum of three earth stakes.

Energizer size:
Up to 15 Stored Joules = minimum 3 stakes
Up to 25 Stored Joules = minimum 5 stakes
Up to 50 Stored Joules = minimum 10 stakes

It is important to follow this recommendation to get the maximum benefit. The number of earth stakes will vary depending on the power of the energizer and the soil type.

High powered energizers need more stakes than low powered energizers and dry soils need more stakes than wet soils.

How do you join Polywire and Polytape for the best connection?

It is important to have good conductivity through the connection when you join Polywire and Polytape. To do this, separate the metal strands by melting a strip of plastic threads with a match or lighter approximately 50mm from the ends of each length. Pull the end off the plastic being careful not to break the steel wires. Tie both ends of the Polywire/Polytape together and then twist the steel wires together. For joining 40mm Polytape use a Tape Joiner, these also give good electrical contact.

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