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Learn about Programing and Knowledge Sharing Events

On-Farm Climate Action Fund and Gallagher Animal Management's Partnership


The Ontario On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) provides cost-share funding to farmers to support the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) to tackle climate change through reducing emissions of GHGs and supporting increased carbon sequestration. Cost-share support to farmers is available under the project categories of nitrogen management, cover cropping, and rotational grazing.

In Ontario, the OFCAF is delivered to farmers by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA). Funding for this project is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). Application intake dates are held between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2024. As application intake dates are confirmed, they will be made available on OSCIA’s website.

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How to Apply

Applications are only accepted during application intakes, which can be found at https://www.ontariosoilcrop.org/oscia-programs/

Be sure to carefully review the program guide – only eligible and complete applications will be considered.

The following must be included with an application submission: 

  • Enrolment and Application Form
  • FBRN or documentation supporting an exemption or most current MPAC Assessment
  • Valid and up to date Premises ID Number
  • Documentation required to be submitted with the application (see Documentation required with the application in the program guide); this may include site sketches and supporting plans/assessments

Enrolment and Application Forms and all required documentation can be submitted electronically, or Enrolment and Application Forms will be available to download from the Program Guide. You can only submit applications during an application intake.


Knowledge Sharing Event KSE

What is a Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE)?

Under Ontario’s On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF), cost-share funding supports farmers in adopting best management practices (BMPs) that reduce greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions and store carbon, specifically for in-field nitrogen management, expanding cover cropping, and implementing rotational grazing practices. BMP demonstration, peer-to-peer learning, and access to expert advice play a key role in farmers’ long-term adoption of new practices. The OFCAF pairs cost-share support for BMPs with participation in Knowledge Sharing Events (KSEs), which aim to increase understanding of the eligible BMPs. Farmers must attend a KSE to receive a cost-share payment for completing a project.


A KSE is a networking opportunity where producers benefit from the latest research, first-hand experience from their peers and industry experts and access to information networks or resources supporting long-term implementation of BMPs specific to addressing climate change challenges.


A KSE can be in many different formats, including field demonstration events, webinars, workshops, or sessions at agricultural conferences. KSEs may be hosted by any agricultural association, organization, or agri-business, provided the event meets the objectives of the OFCAF. Participation in a KSE is a requirement for approved applicants to claim their cost-share funding.


A KSE must address at least one of the three eligible project categories with a focus on successful implementation of the practice (i.e., Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, Rotational Grazing Systems).


Required Participation in a KSE for Approved OFCAF Applicants

Relative to some other opportunities, OFCAF provides a higher level of cost-share funding to support implementation of targeted BMPs with a goal of encouraging successful, long-term adoption. Access to knowledge and resources are key components to ensure success. After receiving written notification of approval for an OFCAF cost-share application from OSCIA, applicants must participate in a minimum of one (1) OSCIA-approved KSE that aligns with their project category before submitting a claim for cost-share. Costs associated with attending the KSE (e.g., registration, mileage, travel, etc.) are not eligible for cost-share.


Where do I find the listing of approved KSEs?

The listing of approved KSEs is continuously being updated, with new events being added throughout the year. Each project category has its own listing, as not every approved KSE will be applicable to all project categories (i.e., Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, Rotational Grazing Systems). While OSCIA provides a listing of events, please make sure to click on the event and confirm dates, times, location, and any requirements for registering.


View upcoming KSE events here.


How do OFCAF-approved applicants confirm participation at an event?

Approval of an OFCAF cost-share application in no way secures a spot at and/or covers any costs for attending an OSCIA-approved KSE. When an applicant receives written approval for a cost-share application, they are provided with a link to an Approved Knowledge Sharing Event Participation Form. This form can be downloaded and taken to an approved KSE, where the event organizer or OSCIA staff will be on-site to sign the form confirming participation. Information for when and where to send the form will be provided with written approval. Alternatively, a QR code will also be made available at most events for participants to scan and complete an online form confirming participation.