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Provincial Funding for Waterers


Pre-qualify to receive 40-50% back on livestock waterer purchases throughOntario's Hydro One Save On Energy Retrofit Program.  Virtually any business customer operating out of Ontario can participate in the Retrofit Program.

Why do Many of Miraco's Livestock Waterers Qualify?  Ontario's Save On Energy Retrofit Program qualifications:
  • Heated waterers must have a minimum of 2" internal insulation.  All Miraco waterers are built rugged and have a minimum of 2" internal insulation.  Many Miraco waterers have 3"+ of internal insulation.
  • The program allows a maximum of 300 watts of electricity.  Miraco's 250 watt heater kit + Miraco's 40 watt extension heater coil, calculate to 290 watts and meets program criteria.
Visit Hydro One today to learn more.  To learn more about Miraco's wide selection of livestock waterers and how they can benefit your operation, please visit a Miraco dealer in store today.

In Alberta, qualify through the Growing Forward 2 for a rebate of 70% on Energy Free waterers and low energy consumption waterers.  All Miraco tanks qualify under this program.  The low energy use tanks (E Fount and Lil Spring qualify for upgranding only - not new installs). Click here to learn more.